Production Lines for Laminated Tubes and Tube Filling Automation

Mechatronica  ABOUT US

Mechatronica S.C. is located in the town of Gabrovo which is at the geographical centre of Bulgaria. After 2000 the market situation in Bulgaria changed and the company turned its efforts to other types of unique technology – laminated tube production lines and automatic tube filling machines.

Mechatronica  CONTACT

If you would like more information about our products and services or you wish to place order for a particular product please send an email or telephone our sales team, we will answer all you questions as quickly as possible.

Mechatronica  SERVICE

Research and development, assembly, testing and shipping of the machines is carried out entirely at our specilised plant in Gabrovo. Our small, skilled and energetic team constantly expands its knowledge and experience through our in-house training program. Our goal is to solve our customers technological problems related to the organization and production of laminated tubes using our highly skilled service and consultation teams.


The Kombis Tube Boxing Machine TBM-1201 is designed for hygienic packing at speeds up to 120 tubes per minute.

KOMBIS FFS60 – a highly efficient “turn-key” machine that eliminates unnecessary movements and operations

Mechatronica SC, part of Wifag-Polytype group, has developed a new compact packaging machine called the KOMBIS FFS60. The FFS60 is designed for small and middle size clients. The KOMBIS FFS60 machine produces laminated tubes and fills them ready for dispatch and retail...

Mechatronica and Polytype collaborating on the packaging market

Mechatronica Co in Bulgaria and Polytype AG in Switzerland (a company of the Wifag//Polytype group) have entered into a close partnership to mutually develop and market packaging machinery for the oral care, cosmetic and beverage market with Polytype acquiring 49% of Mechatronica's shares.