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Mechatronica SC is innovative machine-building plant with highly educated staff capable of providing personalised solutions related to the packaging industry. We specialize in the design and manufacture of a unique technological equipment – automated lines for the production of laminated tubes and tube filling automatic machines, mainly used in the cosmetic industry. The factory is equipped with modern machines which allow our team to work on different projects at the same time. Mechatronica’s packaging machines are distinguished by their high quality and remarkable speed.

We don’t just sell you the product – we find you a solution.


Mechatronica’s plant is located in Gabrovo town which is the geographical centre of Bulgaria. The town has rich history and is vastly popular with its residents’ sense of humour. In the past Gabrovo has started to develop as one of the biggest industrial towns in the country. Here were established one the first and biggest factories in Bulgaria. For many years Gabrovo has been known as an innovative town and the new businesses are constantly being developed. Even tough our town is small the industry here keeps growing maintaining the town’s reputation.

Highly qualified team with a sense of humour.

A brief history of Mechatronica

Mechatronica SC was established in 1961. The company specialized in solving complex technological problems in the machine-building, electronics, food and chemical industry. Until 2000 Mechatronica was a leading factory on the Balkans for:

  • Metal melting sets
  • PVC foil melting sets
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

After 2000, the economic change in the Bulgarian market affected almost every company in the country including Mechatronica which led to redirecting the company’s interest into another aspect of the machine-building industry. Since then Mechatronica has started to produce innovative technological equipment – lines for production of laminated tubes and tubes filling automatic machines.

Today, Mechatronica SC is one of the leading companies in the country and is a worthy competitor around the world. The company has many partners from different countries and is always open to make new business relations. There is a constant interest from new clients and that is why our energetic team is always ready to provide them with flexible and individual solutions.

58 years of history…and we are still growing thanks to our partners and clients.


Mechatronica and Polytype collaborating on the packaging market

Mechatronica Co in Bulgaria and Polytype AG in Switzerland (a company of the Wifag//Polytype group) have entered into a close partnership to mutually develop and market packaging machinery for the oral care, cosmetic and beverage market. For this purpose Polytype has acquired 49% of Mechatronica shares.

Mechatronica, located in Gabrovo (Bulgaria) has developed best price-performance packaging machinery for laminated plastic tubes, form-fill-and-seal equipment for semi-liquid and liquid cosmetics and beverages as well as specialty forming equipment for metal containers over the last 15 years.

Polytype is a leader in the decoration and finishing of extruded plastic tubes for the cosmetic market. With this partnership Polytype will get access to the growing market of laminated tubes and is complementing its portfolio for the oral care and cosmetic market. The form-fill-and seal concept for plastic tubes allows new production approaches for latest stage customization and reduced inventory and logistic cost for the oral care and cosmetic packaging market for semi-liquid goods. The sales and service organization in USA, China, Thailand, Brazil and India of Polytype can improve the market coverage for the Mechatronica products and increase the sales channel efficiency of Polytype. With the low cost basis of Mechatronica and the Polytype reputation both companies can leverage their respective strengths to participate better in the fast growing market for extruded as well as laminated tubes.

A similar form-fill-and-seal concept has been introduced by Mechatronica to the beverage market for non carbonated juices packaged in cylindrical pouches and is complementing the Polytype packaging solutions for the beverage market. Polytype offers decoration concepts for low cost plastic drinking cups as well as highly sophisticated metal bottles in aluminum or steel under the brand of Mall//Herlan.

Polytype and Mechatronica will remain active under their respective company and product brands and continue to act as separate companies but jointly on the market. An exclusive dealer agreement for India has been already signed before closing this partnership between Mechatronica and Wifag-Polytype Marketing India Ptv, other distribution agreements between the Polytype Group companies and Mechatronica will be implemented in the near future.

Mr. Alain Berset, Business Unit Leader of the Plastic Packaging Division in the Wifag-Polytype Group ( and Mr. Miroslav Hinkov, founder and owner of Mechatronica ( will be the main contacts for any kind of questions regarding this strategic cooperation.