Production Lines for Laminated Tubes and Tube Filling Automation


KOMBIS TMM8005 is an automatic line designated for the production of laminated tubes. The capacity of KOMBIS TMM8005 is 85 tubes/min. The modular construction of this production line allows easy adjustment and maintenance.

    KOMBIS TMM8005 comes with a number of optional modules, such as:

   • KOMBISEAM - New side seam tube welding technology to improve the tube quality and appearance

   • Top seal module

   • Pre-hoppers for automatic loading with caps and shoulders

   • Arranging automat for packaging of the ready output.

The control of all operation motions ensures high reliability and safety.


Supplying net3P+N+PE
Voltage3N~ 400V ±10%
Frequency50/60Hz ± 2%
Power installed27.7 kVA
Power consumed
ABL foilmax 8.6 kVA
PBL foilmax 10.6 kVA
Duty cycle100 %
Compressed air
Flow-rate1250 l/min
Pressure8 bar
Mechanical ingredients< 5µm
Cooling water
Flow-rate0.45.10-3 m3/s (30 l/min)
Pressure0.2 ÷ 0.4 MN/m2 (3÷4atm)
Temperature288K (15°C)
Stage of defence from penetration of rigid bodies and water.IP 20
High-Frequency Generator - Tubes
Power consumedmax. 5.5kW
High frequency output powermax. 4.4kW
Working frequency270kHz to 370kHz
Duty cycle100%
Tube sizes
Diameter16mm (0.63in) - 50mm (1.97in)
Length80mm (3.16in) - 200mm (7.87in)
Nominal productivity *
PBL foilup to 80 tubes per minute
ABL foilup to 90 tubes per minute
Operational modeautomatic
Level of noise76dB
Type of foilABL or PBL
Barrier layer thickness0.012mm – 0.04mm
Total thickness ABL0.175 to 0.330mm
Total thickness PBL0.300 to 0.400mm
Seal Orientationlongitudinal
* Variation is possible due to special tooling, materials or working conditions.

Due to our long experience of laminate tube making machines we realized the operators’ difficulties. Practical experience showed us that one of the most debatable and difficult adjustments for our clients is the adjustment of the shoulder welding of silver laminate tubes. Now we offer our new patented system for welding of silver laminate. We guarantee you easy adjustment, excellent quality and guaranteed speed of 85 tubes per minute using this system.

Analyzing and optimizing the shoulder welding of PBL tubes, we succeeded to develop the first system using a single welding position. The difficult adjustment of multiple welding positions is now replaced with a patented one position system. Besides the easy adjustment using this system, its other important advantage is the opportunity to manufacture oval PBL tubes.