Adaptability is an advantage


Preferable in the production of small series of tubes


100 tubes per minute

Automatic Laminated Tube Making Machine

Easy adjustment and maintenance

The modular construction of the line allows easy adjustment and maintenance over time.


The adaptability of KOMBIS TMM8006 makes it preferable for the production of comparatively small series of tubes where change of adjustment is frequently required.


The function of KOMBIS TMM8006 is based on the principle of welding the cylindrical body of the tube to a pre-moulded shoulder and then adding the cap at a press-on or thightening station.


The tooling equimpment of the automatic line could be changed at user's wish, for example the diameter of the tubes ot the type of the caps.

A number of optional modules:

Top seal

Pre-hoppers for automatic loading of caps and shoulders

Tube Boxing Machine (TBM)

Technical data

Tube size
ABL: Ø 16 - 63.5mm
PBL*: Ø 25 - 63.5mm
Length: 85 - 200mm
Nominal productivity
ABL: 100 tpm
PBL: 90tpm
Operating mode
Foil type: ABL or PBL
Barrier layer thickness: 0.02 to 0.04mm
ABL: 0.20 to 0.35mm
PBL: 0.20 to 0.45mm
Operation of Print: Longitudinal