Production Lines for Laminated Tubes and Tube Filling Automation




Supplying net:3P+N+PE
Voltage~ 400 V ± 10%
Frequency50/60 Hz ± 2%
Power consumed:
ABL foilup to 13.8 kVA
PBL foilup to 16.2 kVA
Periodicity of turning on.100%
Technological air.
ABL foil1350 l/min
PBL foil4000 l/min
Pressure8 bar
Mechanical ingredients< 5 µm
Cooling water
Flow-rate20 l/min
Pressure2-4 bar
Temperature288K (15°С)
Measurements sizes
Length5450 mm.
Width3245 mm.
Height2880 mm
Stage of defense from penetration of rigid bodies and water.IP 20
High-frequency generator - tubes
Power consumed5,5 kW
High frequency exit power4,4 kW
Working frequency270?370 kHz
Periodicity of switching on100%
High frequency generator – shoulders
Energy consumed5,5 kW
High-frequency exit power4,4 kW
Working frequency270÷370 kHz
Periodicity of switching on14%
Tubes sizes
DiameterØ16 ÷ Ø50 mm [0,75-1,97in]
Length90 ÷ 200 mm [3,15-7,87in]
Nominal productivity
PBL foil130 tubes per minute
ABL foil150 tubes per minute
Operational modeautomatic
Level of noise78 dB
Mass… kg
Type of the foilABL and PBL
Thickness of the barrier layer0,012 ?? 0,04 mm
Total thickness (for ABL)0,175 to 0,330 mm
Total thickness (for PBL)0.300 to 0.400 mm
Seal Orientationlongitudinal

    Tube making machine type KOMBIS FT1500 is an automatic machine of a new generation designed for manufacturing of laminated ABL or PBL tubes according to the current trends of automation and data exchange in manufacturing.
    The main advantage of the machine is the computerization which is promoted in Industry 4.0. Other advantages are the modular principle, the cyber-physical systems and Internet of things: the machine can be switched in the Internet for diagnostics from a distance, reading data of machine performance as well as for distance adjustments.
    Except the comparatively high production speed of 150 tubes per min, there are innovative solutions for quick change of tooling, higher reliability and machine safety. Special attention is paid in using energy efficient components to save energy during production.

    KOMBIS FT1500 is one frame machine.