Who we are.


This is us


We are a team

Here, in Mechatronica, we value teamwork and that is why we look at our clients as a part of the team. This helps us understand our clients' problems and to offer them flexible solutions related to the packaging industry. Our highly educated staff is capable of adjusting to different situations, taking in mind the personalization. We don’t just sell you the product – we find you a solution.

We manufacture machines

Mechatronica is an innovative machine building plant specialized in the packaging industry. Our strengths are in the design and manufacturing of unique technological equipment: automated lines for the production of laminated tubes and tube filling automation. Mechatronica's machines are mainly used in the cosmetic industry.
About us

We specialize in laminate tubes


At the geographical centre of Bulgaria


We are located in Gabrovo

Mechatronica’s plant is located in the small town of Gabrovo, which is the geographical center of Bulgaria. The town has rich history and is vastly popular for the sense of humor of its residents. In the past, Gabrovo developed as one of the biggest industrial towns in the country. The first and biggest factories in Bulgaria were established here. Gabrovo is known to be prosperous for such industries and businesses.

Our partners

Today, Mechatronica is one of the leading companies in the country and a worthy competitor around the world. The company has been partnering with Polytype AG for many years, mutually developing and marketing packaging machinery for the oral care, cosmetic and beverage market. Mr. Alain Berset, Business Unit Leader of the Plastic Packaging Division in the Wifag-Polytype Group (www.wifag-polytype.com), and Mr. Miroslav Hinkov, founder and owner of Mechatronica SC, will be the main contacts for any kind of questions regarding this strategic cooperation.

Our Ambitions

Mission statement
We focus on speed and product quality. Our aim is to design the fastest machine whilst delivering the best product.
Vision statement
Mechatronica's successful future is based on sharing our latest technological innovations with our clients and providing them with flexible solutions.

Our history

  • 1961

  • 1996

    Change in specialization and ownership - from state owned to private
  • 1998

    First semi-automatic tube making machine - body maker + heаder and capper
  • 2000

    Automatic low speed KOMBIS 5550 - 55 tubes/min
  • 2008

    Oval laminate tubes tooling
  • 2012

    Partnership with Wifag-Polytype
  • 2014

    Higher speed machine series KOMBIS 8000 - 80 tubes/min
  • 2016

    FFS (Form, Fill and Seal) machines
  • 2017

    Improving machine reliability
  • 2018

    Focusing on fast change of tooling
  • 2019

    Optimization of linear movements
  • 2020

    Stabilizing parameters in high speed machines - more than 150 tubes/min

Accomplishments over the years

Award "Dare to be the first"

from the district governor of Gabrovo

for contribution of Mechatronica SC to the economical growth of Gabrovo district in category "Most innovative company"

Second place award "Best bulgarian company"

organisator: Fibank

in contest "Best bulgarian company of the year" 2013 in category "innovations implementation"

Award "Inventor of the year"

category "Mechanical and civil engineering"

to eng. Miroslav Hinkov, eng. Alok Joshi, eng. Amit Kumar for the invention Laminate tube making machine

Award "Most innovative enterprise of the year"

category "Market leadership"

to the eneterpise Mechatronica SC