Our FFS machines form the packaging body, fill it with product, and seal it. The flexibility of this technology allows for better product quality and shorter lead times.




Process Efficient

Eliminates unnecessary stages. No need for packing, storing and transporting.

Laminate in-feed

ABL or PBL foil is being fed to the body maker.

Side Seaming

High-frequency welding for ABL foil. Hot air welding for PBL foil.

Membrane sealing

Option for adding a protective membrane.


Cap screw-on/press-on station for oriented caps (accuracy +/- 2.5°).

Tightening Station

The cap tightening station applies the proper torque.

Tube Transfer

Excludes any mechanical manipulation. Tubes are directly blown to the filler.

Filling Unit

Easy assembling and disassembling. Made from steel 316L.