Production Lines for Laminated Tubes and Tube Filling Automation


  KOMBIS TMM 8006 is an automatic line for production of laminated tubes. The modular construction of the line allows easy adjustment and maintenance. Its adaptability makes it preferable in the production of comparatively small series of tubes where change of adjustment is frequently required. The function of KOMBIS TMM 8006 is based on principle of welding the cylindrical body of the tube to a pre-moulded shoulder. The laminated foil has to be printed with an eye mark. The basic automatic line comprises all unchangeable parts and elements, and the tooling equipment consists of all modules and parts which could be changed at user's wish, for example the diameter of the tubes or the type of the caps. The production line is completed with a number of optional modules, such as:
• Top seal module;
• Pre-hoppers for automatic loading with caps and shoulders;
• Tubes Boxing Machine.
 The automatic line control is based on IPC using Windows Embedded Standart 7 E. The control of all operation motions ensures high reliability and safety. There is a possibility of connecting the automatic line to a local computer network and using the Internet for a remote supervision and control.  All modules are driven separately. The construction includes driving units produced by world-famous leading companies, which guarantee high reliability, easy maintenance and prompt replacement of parts in case of failure.  High-frequency transistor generators are used for the welding of both seams. They ensure excellent quality of welding and guarantee high reliability and no maintenance is needed.  The automatic line is provided with protective shields and covers.

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Power supply3P+N+PE
Voltage400 V ± 10%
Frequency50/60 Hz ± 2%
Consumed powermax 10 kVA
Periodicity of switching100%
Technological air
PBL Flow rate1250 l/min
ABL Flow rate500 l/min
Pressure8 bar
Mechanical impurities<5 µm
Cooling water
Flow rateUp to 10 l/min
PressureUp to 4 atm
Protection degreeIP 20
High-frequency generator – pipe (body)
Consumed power5,5kW
HF-output power4,4kW
Operation frequency270÷370kHz
Periodicity of switching100%
High-frequency generator - head
Consumed power5,5kW
HF-output power4,4kW
Operation frequency270÷370kHz
Periodicity of switching14%
Tubes size
ABLØ 16÷63,5mm
PBL*Ø 25÷63,5mm
ABL**100 tpm
PBL90 tpm
Noise level78dB
Operation modeautomatic
Foil typeABL or PBL
Barrier layer thickness0,02 to 0,04mm
Total thickness
ABL0,20 to 0,35mm
PBL0,25 to 0,45mm
Orientation of printLongitudinal

* PBL tooling for smaller than dia. 25 – need confirmation after a review the geometry of the shoulders
** The output is guaranteed for standard round tube only (trials conducted in 30 mm dia.; 145 mm long; stand-up cap)