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Cyclero model CYK 2000

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Simply smart

Constantly looking ahead for new opportunities and trends in the packaging industry and with over
10 years of experience in laminated tube making machines, Mechatronica is pleased to present the
FFS production line for the unique “Cyclero” packaging concept.

Design and Control

The machine has a modular construction – modules are tied to each other by transport conveyers.
The machine consists of bodymaker, lid sealer, filling and bottom sealing, ejecting, cleaning.

Quality Check

With Cyclero CYK 2000 we have given the start of the production for a new flexible package which
offers a wide variety of possibilities for its application. The cylinder package is not only lightweight
and environmentally friendly, but it also offers high barrier properties and excellent stability.

Power supply net

Voltage: 3N~380 V ±10%
Frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 2%

Power consumed

up to 15 kVA

Technological air

Flow rate: 0,35.10-3 m3/s (20 l/min)
Pressure: 0,4-0,5 MN/m2 (4-5 atm)
Temperature: 288K (15°С)

Overall dimensions

Length: 11 600 mm
Width: 1 500 mm
Height: 2 470 mm


Foil type: Extruminium OPP30/12/8/70 PP
Total thickness: 130µm
Barrier layer thickness: Aluminum 8µm
Orientation of print: Longitudinal

Can Size

Diameter: Ø 49,2 mm
Length: 118 mm


Оne channel /1S/: up to 40 pc/min
Тwo channels /2S/: up to 80 pc/min
Three channels /3S/ : up to 120 pc/min
Four channels /4S/: up to 160 pc/min
< 3% waste