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Compact and Intelligent
Innovative and bright thinkers – this machine is for you!

Mechatronica JSC, part of Wifag-Polytype group, has developed a new compact packaging machine
called the KOMBIS FFS60. The FFS60 is mainly designed for small and middle size clients. It utilizes
raw materials such as ABL or PBL printed laminate, plastic pre-molded shoulders and caps and the
paste product for filling. The machine unites the industry’s most highly sought after features,
reflecting future trends in packaging machines.

Design and Control

The advantages of the modern machine – FFS60:
        1. Cuts unnecessary movements and operations;
        2. Tube body is formed and filled only in one position – vertically;
        3. Tube body is oriented only once;
        4. Tube body is formed on a mandrel which supports the body until the filling process starts.
Thus, very thin tubes can be made and filled without denting and OVALITY is no longer a problem for
the filling machines;
        5. Elimination of carton boxes, storage space and transportation of the empty tubes. Thus, less
wastage, less risk of contamination and less expenses.

The modular principle that is utilized in all the KOMBIS machines design allows for simple and quick
changeovers of tube sizes and paste product.

Quality Check

KOMBIS FFS60 technology eliminates several operations which save not only production space, but
saves time, storage space and transportation of empty tubes. This technology greatly lessens the risk
of product contamination and waste. All these saving result in cost effective expenditures for the
tube making and filling.
New versions with higher speed are planned.


Foil Type: ABL and PBL
Foil Total Thickness ABL: 0,175 - 0,330 mm
Foil Total Thickness ABL: 0,300 - 0,400 mm for PBL

Nominal Speed

60 ABL tubes / min
50 PBL tubes / min

Tube Sizes

Tube Diameter Range: 16 -50 mm for ABL
Tube Diameter Range: 22 - 50 mm for PBL
Tube Length Range: 90 — 200 mm

Machines DImensions

Length: 3812mm
Width: 3535mm
Height: 2830mm