The new generation


Maximum speed - 80 tubes/min

Multipurpose machine with unique design

Upgraded technology

Here, we have included our latest tube body welding technology. The welding spindles have built-in Hi-Fl inductors which ensure perfect seam compression and excellent end-product quality.

Remarkable speed

FFS80 can reach a maximum production speed of 80 tubes/min which can vary depending on the viscosity of the filling product.


The machine can work with ABL and PBL foil. FFS80 can also incorporate standard screw-on and push-on capping technology.

Cleanliness & hygiene

There is a possibility for single (or double) tube disinfection in order to achieve maximum level of hygiene during the filling process. The machine can be adjusted so that it is suitable for pharmaceutical products.

A number of optional modules:

Shoulder orientation unit (shoulders with specific design are required)

Cap orientation unit (including flip-top caps)

Tube body orientation unit

High pressure bunkers (up to 4 bar) for precision filling + closing lids for maximum hygiene

Tube Boxing Machine (TBM)

ERP system connection for real-time monitoring

Technical data

Nominal productivity
Up to 80 tpm
Foil type: ABL or PBL
Tube sizes
Diameter: 16 - 50 mm
Length: 75 - 200 mm
Operating mode