Innovation and quality combined


Automatic tube making machine of a new generation

Following the current trends of automation and data exchange in manufacturing

Up to 150 tubes per minute

Significantly high production rate of laminated ABL and PBL tubes.

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things

Main advantages of KOMBIS FT1500 are the computerization, promoted in Industry 4.0 and the cyber-physical systems. Thanks to the modern technology used, the machine can be monitored and adjusted remotely.

Modular principle

KOMBIS FT1500 combines three modules in one frame. The design of the machine allows for quick and easy change of tooling.

Higher reliability and machine safety

Special attention is paid when using energy efficient components in order to save energy during production.

We always look up to the new trends in automation

It is important for us to keep up with innovative technology in order to build unique high performance packaging lines.

Function Principle

The FT-1500 Line is designed to make ready-made tubes. It is made up of specialized units for specific operations along the production line. Connection between inputs and outputs is achieved by conveyors and grippers that move laminate, caps and shoulders into the machine and finished tubes out of the machine.
The Line works with pre-printed laminate. Packaging design must meet the technical requirements for this type of production.
Finished products are cylindrical or oval tube bodies with shoulders and caps. Collection and packaging of completed tubes is carried out by the customer.

Technical data

Machine dimensions
Length: 5450 mm
Width: 3245 mm
Height: 2880 mm
Tube sizes
Diameter: 16 - 50 mm
Length: 90 - 200 mm
Nominal productivity
PBL foil: 130 tpm
ABL foil: 150 tpm
Operating mode