Quick and hygienic packaging


Packs up to 120 tubes per minute

KOMBIS Tube Boxing Machine

TBM-1202 is intended for packaging flexible packaging in cardboard or plastic cartons.

Designed according to the latest technological developments and safety instructions

The machine is designed for automatic packaging of a wide assortment of aluminium, laminated, extruded flexible or rigid tubes of different diameters and lengths.
The Kombis Tube Boxing Machine is characterized by quick and easy adjustment when changing the size of the carton and the tubes.

Compact design

makes it easy to use the machine for different placement requirements according to available production space.

Possibility of packaging both in cardboard and plastic boxes with different dimensions

Tube equipment with three dimensional diameters: 25mm, 35mm and 50mm



All settings are stored in a library for quick and easy changeover or later use.


Change of tube or box size takes no more than 20 minutes allowing TBM-1202 to meet the requirements of a modern working facility,


KOMBIS TBM-1202 meets all current EC requirements ana legalization. It is completely guarded for safety.

Technical data

Nominal productivity
120 tubes/min
Tube boxes sizes
Height: 300-600 mm
Width: 370-450 mm
Depth: 90-225 mm
Tubes sizes
Length: 90-225 mm
Diameter: 25-50 mm
Product type
Plastic flexible or rigid
Operating mode